October Tarot-Scope

It's every brujx favorite time of the year, October! We out here with all the witchy gags like its nobodies business. I know mi gente are ready to enjoy this new season and a good tarot reading is in session. Here are my monthly tarot-scopes! A special reading combining tarot and astrology. Hope you find yours well.

Aries: the hierophant- this month is all about relationships, solid ones, the important ones, ones that can make you money! The hierophant always predicts strong partnerships which last. Due to Mercury going into retrograde from Oct. 13-Nov.3 these relationships might be tested. Mostly because we don't like playing with others. Are you listening? Do you have empathy when important conversations happen? Don't take things the wrong way, learn to really listen. This relates to love, friendship, business partners, ALL THE PARTNERS. It does show ceratin career partnerships can manifest to big time moves when Pluto goes direct in Capricorn and our 10th house. This big power bitch energy will last for 2 months, so make it count!

Taurus:5 of cups- don't let little things disappoint you. There are other blessings in front of you but can you see it? Due to Mercury in retrograde, the signals for you may be very mixed and hard for you to understand. Especially in your relationship house, so don't. When it finishes it will land in your wellness house so make sure stress is under control. Overall appreciating the small blessings is important for you this month. If not, your health might feel it!

Gemini: 10 of swords- this month we want to heal and be ready for big changes! The full blue moon on Halloween will bring the big ending to your journey! Mostly coming from an intense healing period. The swords want you to look within, into each chakra point, and figure out what else needs some light shed in?! At the beginning of the month, you may be distracted with work and trying to have fun. Don't shove the healing process, it will explode and therefore becoming chaotic. Learn to balance work, new connections, and your solo time because you're almost there! And Mercury being in retrograde can be the ultimate test for you. Are you wanting to heal or suppressing your process?

Cancer: knave of wands- Are we excited about new ventures? Maybe being homier can help you settle your mind and concentrate on big goals. Libra season is helping you feel more at home, spend time with family. Their love will help you want to be creative! Staying at home might be the move since all of October as wild astro activity. Mercury hits your house of love and going back to ex is not the move! With that said before the retrograde changes, work relationships can blossom. Your mind is excited to brew up new paths; moving, family, business, career, and yourself. Chose wisely!

Leo: Strength- Of course a Leo would get their own tarot card lol in the tarot, Leos represented by the Strength card. So what does this mean? This month you'll definitely shine super hard as a Leo! Libra is in your house of community & socializing aka the pandemic ain't stopping you. Just please be safe! The difference between the sign and the tarot is that the card asks you to be patient. A lot is coming your way astro wise so taking it day by day is ideal. Mercury will be in reggaeton so be very cautious how you control your emotions at home and family relationships. The tarot card does show family will be a big leanring curve for you, again be patient. The good news is this month 2 full moon will shine bright in your career house! Lots of fiery energy is coming this month but take it day by day and have fun!

Virgo: 10 of cups- This month you'll be focused on happiness and what it takes to manifest that. Libra season is assisting in your second house of security and stability. Mercury in retrograde might put the brakes on some signs but not you Virgo! Always being prepared is saving your butt this time but be open-minded to follow plan b. If your love life is on the hit list of stability you will see success! The 10 of cups is an amazing love card that predicts love, happiness, fulfillment, the ending of one cycle therefore the beginning of the next big step. Pluto going back from retrograde will help you in the love department as well. So if there was alot of drama, uncertainty and foggy visions that will no longer effect you after October 4th.

Libra: The Hanged Man- Happy Birthday my Libras! This is your super month so let's focus on you! No literally this is the season to get does self-made projects to manifest. There's plenty of actions going on from the stars and this can be your "hanged man" moment. You will need to stay focus or else you'll be suspended in mid air with no results. Mercury might block your "New Me" goals. Like the Libra you are, weigh all things till this retrograde ends. Even weighing scenarios is staying proactive. With that said, looking at things with an open mind will also help you move rather than just being suspended with no positive motion. Pluto coming back from retrograde on the other hand is helpful for your family and home issues. Thye might be the help you need right now.

Scorpio: Queen of Wands- The queen sits secure and grounded from all her hard work. Possibly from many projects or all the life changes happening. Scorpio, if anyone can survive death it is! It's time to relax, lay back and absorb healing energy. Till of course we get to your birthday season on Oct. 27th. In the meantime, don't do anything crazy or secretive. Literally relax! You will see the consequences due to Mercury going retrograde, everything will come back and slap you in the face. So this is not the time to spill tea, talk about your big plans and/or make moves for them. Like the queen, she is grounded from her hard work, no its time to learn why this is really important to you.

Sagittarius: 5 of coins- This month might be a little challenging for your own optimism due to Mercury going retrograde in your twelfth house of karma and intuition. Your vision may be foggy. The card shows that you may even lose faith that things will be grand. It's important to not feel pressured to make any moves. Don't let your insecurities push you to do start projects or take on responsibilities. This will just make you tired, anxious and possibly depressed. The key is to take it easy, you don't have to do everything right now. Pluto goes back from retrograde from your money house. This might help take some stress out because finances will be more steady. Things will get better when Mercury returns but till then, stay positive, repeat motivational mantras, and remember things will manifest at the right time.

Capricorn: 2 of coins- We're back in business ever since Jupiter and Saturn ended their retrograde which go direct in your sign. Big career changes are coming! The opportunities you've been waiting for are about to knock at the front door. To snatch these effortlessly you need to stay balanced! How much time are you now putting towards work and play? Mercury going retrograde is a time for you to take it easy and appreciate what you have now. It's not a time to add more to your resume. This month you'll receive the recognition that's much need and you can finally lay back.

Aquarius: 6 of wands- Look how far you've come! Libra being in your ninth house shows optimism and growth. You'll be able to be an inspiration to others from all your hard work. Pluto going direct in your twelth house can help give you clear visions of the future. No for real like That's So Raven mood! Pay attention to your dreams, and little deja vu moments. These are signs from your guides, wanting to help heal and nurture your own gifts. Now with Mercury going retrograde it's best that you keep things to yourself because mal de ojo is real. Pero still stay excited about the big picture!

Pieces: 4 of cups- Big month for you to take on new opportunities. The tarot shows there will be some out of the blue opportunities so it's imperative that you take your time to analyze each and then make a choice. The two full moons this month will definitely help you manifest the right blessings. Mercury going retrograde might make it a little hard but hey take your time and just go with the flowing river. One of your best traits that I personally love! In love its the same, take your time you dont need to make a choice right now!

Ñooo that was a lot of growth, healing, changes, retrogrades, un-retrogrades and full moons. All these astro events will affect us in many ways. Some positive and some negative. Our perspective is important right now. Being patient and steady will help us win the race, no matter where we're on our journey. Mi gente this journey is a wild one but admit it, you love it!


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