New Moon in Libra

new moon October 8, 2018:

It October already guys! Time flew by so fast but tbh this is my favorite month because there is so much magic all around us and hello?! free candy! Plus, the moon phases we have in October are so ready to help us make our lives better. Let's focus on this weeks New Moon in Libra, she ask us to create a balance for better changes. Especially since it is squared off with Neptune.

The New moon on the 8th wants us to focus on change but for the better. Are there relationships you have that are toxic? Are your dietary habits not the best? It is time to ask the important question "what toxic things do I need to remove from my life?" I personally am choosing to focus more on my diet this month and what I am choosing to intake into my body.

A great New Moon ritual is a simple, balancing meditation. Find a quiet space whether inside or out. Light a black candle and burn some sage. Then sit in silence and ask yourself "what toxic things do I need to remove from my life?" when you know what that is, focus your energy on it. Imagine the toxicities slowly being swept cleaned and transformed into something more beautiful. See it brought into a much more inspiring light, more importantly listen to your inner voice. Is it telling you to let go of it 100 or is there a chance for a rebirth?

New moons are a great time for new manifestation which doesn't eliminate NEW CHANGES. So lets bring back a new, much needed balance into our lives and be grateful for the moons energy. Not sure where you need better balance? Book a tarot session with me and we'll see what's the tea. What are ya'll wanting to change during this new moon cycle? Let me know down below.

Namaste mi gente.

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