New Moon In Gemini

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

June 13, New Moon in Gemini

Happy New Moon brujas! You already know new moon means new ventures. That is why it is my favorite phase. It inspires us to invoke new opportunities.

This new moon is soooo lucky this month! Heres why, It's right in the middle of 8 major fixed stars:





New Moon

El Nath



Al Hecka

These stars give this moon buena suerte, protection y salud para tu famila and loved ones. Plus, it's in Gemini girl so it reminds us to communicate exactly what it is that we want. Especially in business, this new moon is made for the boss babes. So you already know these stars amplify the moons energy to do amazing things for your business.

Pero how can I make sure I'll be successful with this lucky new moon? I got chu! Heres a simple and powerful ritual to manifest the best business ventures for you. Grab the following:

  • 2 green candles

  • a sheet of paper

  • cinnamon incense

Start by burning your candles and incense. Then take your sheet of paper and start writing down your new business idea. Start with a great name and underneath everything you'll need from people to tools that'll make you successful. While you're doing this just focus your energy on your new venture and how grateful you are for it. Once you're done fold it up and keep it somewhere nearby so you can see it everyday till the next full moon.

Stay tuned for this months Full Moon post. I'll tell you how to amplify that spell para muchisima suerte en negosios. Want to know how this moon will affect you? Book a tarot session to know whats the tea.

Namaste mi gente

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