New Moon in Cancer

July 13 New Moon in Cancer:

Happy New Moon! It's already Summer and things estan caliente. Pero we got this, right?! Of course mama! We should all know by now; New moon means New beginnings and with Cancer taking over you shouldn't be too stressed about change. Just lay back, chill and enjoy the Cancer vibes as I spill the tea.

If you're not familiar with the sign of Cancer don't sweat it, I got you. Cancer is a caring spirit who believes loved ones come first. If there is any new roads you want to open up this Friday shoot for growth in love. For example, a new bae who is serious about the future with you. If you're already with someone what about taking it to the next level?

Of course, we can't forget that Cancer has a chill vibe so the next step can be things like making it FB official, introducing them to your friends, and having that "what are we" convo. Don't worry I aint telling y'all to make a baby, just practice though.

Since my focus for July is love I am going to share a simple ritual to manifest love into your life honey. Whether you have someone or not lets use this loving, caring Cancer vibe to bring some more in. Here is what you'll need:

  • 1 pink candle

  • 1 arrangement of flowers

  • 1 Rose quartz

Start by holding your rose quartz close to your heart and focus your energy on LOVE. Ask yourself "What kind of love energy do I need to make me better?" "Who is here for the same reasons as I am?" Then place your flowers in front of you, burn your pink candle and recite the following:

Like a healing stream may love keep flowing

With love comes wisdom and a knowing

That each day and every hour,

I draw the energy of feminine power

Once you are done let your candle burn out, leave your flowers in your room and for now on, keep your crystal close to you. Relax, let the Cancer New Moon do its thing and just feel gratitude for all the people around you who already give you so much love.

Want to know how this new Moon will effect you? Book a tarot session with me and we'll see whats luring in this Cancer New Moon wave.

Namaste mi gente.

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