New Moon during Mercury Retrograde

August 11, 2018 New Moon:

Believe it or not, this new moon is still a lunar eclipse. Pero, todays main focus is that this new moon is effected by Mercury Retrograde. UGH I know, why bro?! Don't worry there is a way to walk around this moon phase and survive. As always, I got y'alls back with all the info about this moon phase, how to overcome it and of course a simple bruja ritual to amplify your life.

One time for the people in the back, NEW MOON NEW MANIFESTATIONS! Even though we have Mercury in retrograde during this phase it doesn't mean you should hold back from using brujeria. In fact, brujeria has your back mama! The key to succeed is to think and act like a Virgo. Virgos may be a bit basic (sorry, not sorry) but they know how to make it work.

Virgos always look at all the details, collect info they need, do background work and plan accordingly. So todays ritual to manifest some dreams is simple but effect. What you'll need is



gold candle


Start by lighting your candle, burn your sage and pass it all around you. Next focus on what you need to manifest what you want, that includes people, tools, knowledge and even funds. Now think "who can connect you to these people, where you can find these tools" and start to write everything down. It doesn't matter if your writing is messy just go wild, the universe will get it. Once you're done, sage your list and place it somewhere that you can always see it.

The purpose of this ritual is so you start to focus your energy on all the details. That way you program yourself to be a be more like a Virgo during Mercury Retrograde. Want to know how this moon phase will effect you? Or even how to survive Mercury Retrograde? Book a tarot session with me and we'll see whats the tea.

Namaste mi gente!

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