May Tarot-Scope

This month be inspired by Gemini and its gift of gab to not just sweet talk others but to speak things into existence. We have some Mercury in Gemini energy for overall communication, and in love we see Gemini in Venus. Feeling lucky to say the right things in love? I know I do mi amor! We also have some soul transformative transits that will help us connect with our true highest self. From does revaluation of what we really want, we should feel more confident in what we ask for. Oh and one more thing Mercury goes in Raggaeton at the end of the month. So be careful what you wish for.....

Aries March 21 - April 19: Aries connect with the great communication skills Mercury in Gemini has to offer from May 5th- July 11th. This is the time to pitch big ideas to big people! When it comes to love now that's a bit more risky! Starting May 8th till June 2nd Venus in Gemini is the time to just take plunge and ask spicy questions. For example requesting to experiment in the bedroom. Oye! During this Taurus season you can decide what goals can bring stability and manifest it with the Taurus new moon on the 11th! This phase will bring us the tools we need to create the foundation for does dream goals. Jupiter in Pisces (5/13 -6/2) brings expansion to our creative side with a lot of loving energy. Can we use this transit to be creative about what we love? Claro que si! Then Gemini season starts on the 20th this is the season that helps us speak our truth, network, and show our true colors shamelessly. So fiery hermana be ready to fly your freak flag! The Sagittarius full moon on the 26th inspire us to be creative with "how my goals can grow". Don't settle to one conclusion, the opportunities are endless! Finally, Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th till June 22nd so be very careful....

Taurus April 20 - May 20: Earthy royal I hope you're enjoying the grounding energy your sign has brought to us. It definitely delivers more clarity on what will bring long term happiness into our lives. With that said the new moon in your sign beams on us on the 11th. This is the time to manifest the material things we need to create our big picture dreams. Mercury in Gemini will teach us how to communicate things properly into existence from the 3rd till July 7th. So make sure you really know what you want! Gemini continues to help us but this time in el departamento de amor. From the 8th till May 2nd you can explore your options and feel free to venture your sexual energy. Because we enter Gemini season on the 20th our airy sis inspires us to be a freak-hoe! Pero tambien to communicate amazing therefor the time to reach out to collab with your dream brand. Think big Taurus. That's the energy the full moon in Sagittarius gives us on the 26th. Your big dreams aren't a one way, you have so many different directions for success. Don't forget it. Oh one more thing Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th but we'll talk about that next month.

Gemini May 21 - June 20: Saucy air sign you are causing quite the ruckus this month. Teaching us to go with the flow and be ready to take the risk! On the 3rd Mercury pulls up home so it's the right time to communicate with the right folks and create a great network. Then your sign reaches Venus on the 8th till June 2nd, you will literally inspire others to be un poco rabiosa. Pero tbh we need to spice things up before Hot Girl Summer starts. Getting back on manifesting our long term goals, Taurus new moon on the 11th focuses on what we need to build our long term goals. Use that voice to ask for exactly what you need mama. Jupiter in Pisces starts on the 13th till July 28th, creative energy amplifies, compassion grows. Let's be gentle with ourselves and feel child. Remember when you were a child how creative your mind was about what you wanted to be? Be that inner child! On the 20th we start your living in your vibrant sign. Be true to yourself because till next month the stars are aligned in your favor. Sagittarius full moon on the 26th is all about expansion, thinking much further! You can make anything happen during this luna phase so think big. We end the month with Mercury in raggaeton Pero tbh we'll focus on that next month.

Cancer June 21 - July 22: One thing you can learn from air signs is going with the flow and this month it's all about that! Starting May 3rd - July 11 Mercury in Gemini helps us communicate better especially if we're more emotional creatures. Venus in Gemini again helps us communicate fearlessly! Open up does taboo convos, who knows it might get you la calentura you've been craving. The new moon in Taurus on the 11th can help us manifest solid tools to build the vast stability dreams we envision. Use that Mercury in Gemini vibras to ask for exactly what it is you want! Being super dreamy is the idea of Jupiter in Pisces (5/13 - 6/22), the expansion planet means anything can happen so let your imagination run wild! Gemini season aids to the fire, from the 20th till June 20th we can sweet talk ourselves into anything and into any social group. Definitely making you more sociable than you already are. The Sagittarius full moon on the 26th also pushes us to expand the ideas of how. How can my dreams manifest? In any way witch!!! Have faith during this phase, let la luna give you that gift, faith. Which you'll need during Mercury in raggaeton...starts the 29th till June 22nd. You'll be ok though just have faith.

Leo July 23 - August 22: Leo don't speak but scream with passion what you seek in life! Mercury in Gemini is on your side from May 3rd till July 11th. Whether it's to communicate with others when networking or with a love partner, you will receive. Venus in Gemini (5/8-6/2) is the time to request does fantasias you've been dying to try. So just ask Leo! The new moon in Taurus is also the time to call for what you need to create your long term goals. Mercury in Gemini is truly your new bff this month! Jupiter in Pisces makes things a little softer, puts us in gentle emotional space and our imagination wild af! Really tune into your inner child, that kid that didn't doubt the possibilities. That energy alone can fertilize your manifestations on the Sagittarius full moon. We can have options as to how things can come to use, so use your creative side Leo. Enjoy this month and the way how anything can happen anyway by using your voice.

Virgo August 23 - September 22: Mercury in Gemini is definitely that chingona friend who is always on your side! All month and till July 11th this transit will help you be the best communicator. Entonces use it wisely, as a Virgo would. Venus in Gemini is the right moment in your love life to create dynamic dialogue. Be super flirty, text spicy Aventura lyrics with the right Romeo Santos and things might get real hot. When it comes to your big goals the Taurus new moon is the time to use your voice to ask for exactly what you need. We don't need to tell a virgo to take out their list, I know you got this so request all of it to la luna. Jupiter in Pisces on the 13th till July 28th invokes us to feel more imaginative and take things easy. Not everything needs to be perfect but your thoughts sure can be creative. Use that vibra during the Sagittarius full moon on the 26th, anything can manifest any way. Remember that! This month is so joyous so don't freak out when Mercury goes raggeaton on the 29th.

Libra September 23 - October 22: Everything will balance the scales thanks to Mercury in Gemini starting May 3rd - July 11. All month long this transit will help you communicate exactly what you need. With love, Venus in Gemini on the 8th-6/2 you will be able to have open dialogue with a passionate lover or partner. The new moon in Taurus on the 11th is the phase that will help manifest what we need for stability so speak it out to las estrellas. They will provide! Then the Jupiter in Pisces transit (starting the 13th till July 28th) is perfect to use your imagination to expand does big 5 year goals. Take this energy onto the full moon in Sagittarius. La luna wants us to be creative and have faith that any goal can happen in so many ways. So not just in a single way your perfect scales envision. Use your inner child energy (you know the one who thought they'd be in space by now) to dream big and it will happen under this luna! Finally Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th so everything leads up to this. Will it survive the raft of the retrograde....we shall see next month.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21: Let's get transformative this month with our throat chakra and speak into existence what we want! On the 3rd till July 11th Mercury in Gemini will help us all communicate clearly whether it's in business or pleasure. Trust this transit is a game changer! Venus in Gemini from the 8th till June 2nd allows room to bring up taboo topics, who knows someone might take the bait. On the 11th the Taurus new moon is the phase to manifest the tools were missing to build our big dreams. Mercury stationing at home is really helping you speak your truth in every area of your life. Then Jupiter in Pisces adds a little creativity to the pot. From the 13th till July 28th our creative side is amplified, we can think of so many dreamy goals. Therefore that energy needs to come through during the Sagittarius full moon on the 26th. La luna says "anything can happen mi amor" so trust that feeling, have faith Scorpio.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21: This month we have a full moon in your sign! On the 26th envision your wildest dreams, imagine any possibility coming from anywhere in the world. Jupiter in Pisces on the 13th will make that easy! A transits that makes our imagination extra dreamy. Other transits involving airy Gemini add to your fire! May 3rd-July 11th Mercury in Gemini amplifies our communication skills, so we can network better, sweet talk into any VIP room, and you know, get what we want. Use this skill wisely. In love Venus in Gemini will invoke some passionate conversation which come with acceptance and even saying yes to some risky things. Ready to play a new role in the bedroom? Ajaja! When it comes to new goals the Taurus new moon will hear you loud and clear. So make sure you clearly state what you need for your big goals! Everything in moderation because Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th and we don't want anything compromised.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19: Capricorn lets ask for what we need to manifest our dream life. In new ventures, goals, love and partnership thanks to gemini all month long. On the 3rd Mercury in Gemini bring clarity to our request, so speak your truth. Venus in Gemini on the 8th till June 2nd helps us possibly reveal a crush we have, a secret desire or just be adults about our sex lives. So what do you want en el amor? The 11th Taurus new moon brings proactive vibras to build our biggest dreams. Think about what tools, people or skills you need to make that happen, and ask la luna. Then things can get real creative and well dream even dreamier. From the 13th till July 28th Jupiter in Pisces creates expansion for our imagination, so dream beyond your wildest! Especially when we have the Sagittarius full moon on the 26th. Sagittarius is all about possibilities coming from anywhere, yes anywhere in this world. Just have faith that the universe will provide an answer oh and that it can be any dreamy miracle. Things might get rocky at the end when Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th, but for now let's have a happy month. We'll touch base next month.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18: Venus in Gemini (8th - 6/2) is going to help set the mood to bring up fun sexy topics that people originally might find weird. You might actually be the Samantha of the group, but hey we all need her! Gemini all month long will help us communicate and have better conversations in every area of our lives. Even when speaking to la luna! The Taurus new moon on the 11th is great to ask for exactly what you need to build your 3 year plan. This phase is for the witches who are ready to manifest big! Entonces no aguantes a nadie dream big. Speaking of dreams Jupiter in Pisces will magnify that dreamy imagination for us. At the same time bringing in more compassion to our fellow people. I recommend you use that energy for the Sagittarius full moon on the 26th. The fire sign always believes that we can get anything form any part of the world. Ask la luna to bring you what you want and be open for it to come from anywhere in the world. Be cautious all month long with who you connect with and what deals may come up because Mercury goes retrograde on the 29th......

Pisces February 19 - March 20: Pisces let's get into the flow of asking for exactly what we need right now so we manifest our big dreamy goals. Starting the 3rd till July 11 Mercury in Gemini gives us the gift of the gab. We'll be more than capable of speaking the right words. May 8th through June 2nd Venus in Gemini helps this dreamy mermaid reveal their crush how they feel, maybe request something naughty or just be more connected with our vibras romanticas. The Taurus new moon on the 11th connects our voices to our what we lack of to succeed in our big goals. Look through your plans and see what is missing, the moon will provide. Jupiter enters your sector from the 13th - July 28th, no one has to tell you to dream big or to just be gentle with your flow of emotions. It's natural to you! Just remember Jupiter makes that energy even bigger so go wild. Especially on the Sagittarius full moon, ask for a miracle to come from anywhere in the world, and trust she will give it to you. Even though Gemini all month long makes communicating a cake walk doesn't mean we should be cautious. I say this because Mercury is in raggaeton on the 29th till next month. Be careful, still dream magically Pero take it easy.

Fire sign tarot card: 3 of wands- definitely dream big about your future. Not just for the next few months but for the next coming years. The communication planet is on your side to clearly ask for what you want. And Jupiter in Pisces to dream of the dreamiest possibilities.

Earth sign tarot card: Knight of wands- New goals might come into your mind. Follow that fiery passion it will lead you to your authentic path. The stars are on your side to think big!

Air sign tarot card: The Hanged Man- Look at things in a different perspective. Let your imagination run wild. Embrace the Jupiter in Pisces energy, or else you'll be stuck doing the same thing.

Water sign tarot card: King of Chalice- You are emotionally ready to take on anything! So let the universe provide to you. Ask for exactly what you need and just have faith its already yours.

Overall astro dates

Mercury in Gemini 5/3-7/11

Venus in Gemini 5/8-6/2

Taurus new moon 5/11

Jupiter in pisces 5/13-7/28

Gemini season 5/20

Sagittarius full moon 5/26

Mercury retrograde in Gemini 5/29- 6/22


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