May 15 New Moon in Taurus

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

May 15 New Moon in Taurus

New Moons are the best time for new beginnings. Especially it being in Taurus girl.

Lets think, what are some traits of a taurus?

  1. traditional

  2. hopeful

  3. charitable

Does are the tools to use this new moon to manifest a fresh venture.

Here's the tea mama. This phase will bring some good good. Remember we're trying to manifest new things during new moons so on May 15 due to this months planetary gold (Jupiter trine with Neptune) we will receive that optimistic energy to inspire us. What can help us amplify our manifestation? I got chu!

  1. Set your intentions true to your traditional self (aka your true identity)

  2. Be hopeful, hold that faith tight girl!

  3. Plus be grateful by giving back with that true charitable spirit

It's that simple. I am here to manifest the best kind of brujeria magic for everyone in the simplest form. So get optimistic with your squad and conjure up some bruja magic into your life this May 15.

Namaste mi gente

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