March Tarot-Scopes

If February Mercury Retrograde blocked your love life un poquitico don't worry! March has some fiery dates almost every week to heat up all the amor vibras. The Pisces New Moon can add some sentimental energy for growth to this love month. Plus we enter Aries season so the beginning of things we're passionate about. So can that be our love life? Claro que si! Finally the Libra full moon can help bring some balance into your journey. Entonces, lets jump into our horoscope and share with your favorite Chavala so she can get some clarity too!

Aries March 21 - April 19: This month starts off hot with our ruler Mars entering Gemini through April 23. Our fiery planet combines with the talkative chismosa twins which can work one or two ways; very much in our favor or not. Sure it'll be a great time to pitch our ideas and the perfect match will buy! But not everyone is kind, some might just want to snatch our million dollar venture. This transit is also love focused! We might attract the right match or not so right. If you don't feel the fire, but more of a fling then let it go. It's ok on March 13th we not only have a New Moon in Pisces but we have a Venus-Neptune meet up. Use the meet up energy to soften up so you are more inviting in love. Then the Pisces vibe to follow the flow of what your heart truly desires. Use that dreamy intuition to connect to your heart space. Once we enter our Season on March 20th make sure to focus only on the best outcome of our love life and other goals. That includes attracting the right people. The very next day (21st) Venus enters our sign till April 14th. This is the time we might find that fiery unapologetic love life we've been craving! So again, don't feel the fire early in the month? That's ok you will soon.

Taurus April 20 - May 20: Mars entering Gemini on March 3rd- April 23 can be a tricky time for my earthy siblings. First off, can we trust esta loca talking all this game? Good question! Use that Taurus energy to analyze the situation but don't take too long. This can be a great partnership to buy into. The Pisces new moon on the 13th can help you to reconnect heartily with your goals for 2021. Let your intuition guide you, feel the possibilities of success and be open to receive. On the 15th Mercury will be in Pisces a great time for our voice to heal and to speak from a more gentle space. If Mercury in Reggaeton really drove you mad be ready to have a mental vacay. Slow down your thinking process and over analyze everything. Again let your intuition guide you in a soft manner. Aries season starts on the 20th which will help you get back on track with your goals. The stars are here for you this month to help you realign to what your heart really desires. Even if that's scraping the old plans and starting new, it's ok you still got this!

Gemini May 21 - June 20: Everybody is feeling your energy entering Mars till April 23rd. This transit creates a lot of charisma and attention for you. The energy to really up-sell yourself is potent! Be careful it doesn't come off fake though, the airy twin can take a hard fall and lose that connection. This can be with love or business so make sure to stay true to yourself. On Wednesday the 10th Sun-Neptune meet up can be a great day to take the lead with compassion. So if you lose yourself early on use the 10th to reconnect with your heart. Even then on the 15th Mercury will be in Pisces till April 3rd this will help you disconnect that old Mercury Retrograde energy, and relax by listening to your heart space. Let's say you still feel some kind of funk, the Libra Full Moon on the 28th will help you create a beautiful balanced harmony. Once again rebalance the scales with that true charming vibra que tienes rather than something shady that will mislead people.

Cancer June 21 - July 22: Can you emotionally handle the Mars in Gemini energy till April 23rd?! You absolutely can my fellow Cancer nena because you may have a strong focus in love for it. The gift of gabble can help you a lot to play up your love game but remember to not put up a tough exterior. Let your inner softy glow! You'll be reminded of this on the 10th with the Sun-Neptune meet up. Your emotions will be your strength, let the sun inspire you to shine in your true colors. On the 13th you feel the urge to spill all your feelings to a certain someone thanks to the Venus Neptune meet up. Go for it! This day will be the perfect day to scream your feelings or just let everyone on social media know the tea. If you don't have un amorcito then use this day to speak your dream bae out into the universe! The Pisces New moon is a great night to manifest from the heart and let your dreamy intuition guide the details of your goals especially if it's love you seek. On the 21st Venus enters Aries till April 14th a great time to take care of you, change your style, beautify thee, so you snatch that lover boy. Finally the Libra full moon on the 28th can help us balance the truth of what you seek in love or balance certain relationships you may have with family and/or friends. Lots of positive emotions this month so don't let that tough crab skin take over.

Leo Jul 23 - August 22: Leo aren't you glad Mercury Retrograde is over?! Instead now we have Mars in Gemini on 3/03 bringing better vibras to manifest your next big move. The fiery planet is on your side till April 23rd just be careful with newbies coming in. They might not be so serious, that goes for business or love. With that said, does this transit bring some new sparks for love? Absolutely, pero cojelo suave! Use the Sun Neptune on the 13th meet up to claim the lead but with love. Oh yeah compassion will go a long way for you! This works with any kind of partnership and helps us take charge again just in case we lose control during the Mars in Gemini days. The 13th as well comes with the Pisces new moon, so manifest your dreamy love fantasy or perfect match for future collaborations. Mercury enters Pisces on the 15th through April 3rd a great creative relief especially after that Mercury Retro-mess. Take time to open up the communication channels to manifest creative projects and let your intuition guide you. Venus enters Aries on the 21st right on time for the Aries season till April 14th this is more energy to birth new creative growth that comes from a loving heart. Who knows when you create with love you'll manifest only loving energy. Finally use the Libra full moon (28th) to create harmony and balance between two aspects of your life.

Virgo August 23 - September 22: Starting March 3rd Mars in Gemini will bring new possibilities for business, collaborations and maybe love? This transit brings some newcomers who might have the charm to sell anything but you're not the one to buy impulsively. Virgo I aint worried for you, I know you will not be swayed easily, but just in case don't buy into the bueno bonito y barato. Take your time to find your perfect twin if any new folks are introduced into your journey. The new moon in Pisces on the 13th is a great night to manifest softly and use that intuition for guidance of what your inner diosa desires. On the 20th we enter Aries season, another great time to start manifesting new projects but taking charge of our path, so think big and strive for greatness. Then on the 28th we have the Libra Full moon, a great way to create harmony from all these new projects a Virgo would take one. It's a gentle reminder to balance our scales so we have a harmonious journey.

Libra September 23 - October 22: This month we have some new opportunities which can be successful if everyone understands how to balance their choices and actions. For Libras that should come easy right? On March 3rd Mars enter Gemini the fiery planet clashes with the charismatic talkative twins to bring in folks who can talk and some who are only talk. No worries other astro events will help you weave through these low quality connections. For example the Pisces new moon on the 13th can help you be more gentle with showing your leadership but also be open to use intuition rather than trusting facts. So use your gut to understand the new connections you're making. Mercury in Pisces starts on the 15th till April 3rd, this transit brings better communication through softer speech. Finding ways to express your feelings that come from within and not overthinking what you want to communicate. Just say it! No need to analyze everything Libra. Aries season on the 20th is a good time to consider new relationship goals, how to take charge of your journey and learn to shoot for the stars without too much deliberation. The full moon in your sign on the 28th will help you bring harmony and understanding to all these new manifestations. Find a balance between new friends, the true value of relationships, and how much energy you give to them. Take it easy it's not rocket signs sometimes intuitive thinking is the best route.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21: Scorpio let's definitely be weary of who tries to join our tribe starting March 3rd till April 23rd. Mars in Gemini brings a lot of new people in who might not be here for the right reason. Are they picking fights? Are they selling us fake stories? Use your intuition to guide you through this fiery phase. The Pisces New Moon on the 13th is a great night to realign dreamy goals especially if you're trying to manifest un nuevo amor. Again use your intuition, listen to your inner voice and speak your desires into existence. Venus in Aries (on the 21st - 4/14) will help you reinvent your style and feel like a magical diosa. This inner glow comes from being connected with our intuitive goddess therefore you'll attract the right person. The Libra full moon on the 28th will help you find the perfect balance and harmony of what you seek in love. Finding the perfect match that's aligned to you. So dream big this month!

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21: Our circle might get bigger in the next coming weeks thanks to Mars in Gemini on 3/3 till April 23rd. This fiery connection with the airy twins can bring a lot of newcomers but be careful. They all might not be here for friendships, even in business they probably want to sell a big idea. Don't be so hard on the ones you have, on the 10th you'll have a chance to show more compassion to your tribe and prove that you are a supportive ally. The Pisces new moon is here to help realign your fantasy world into reality on the 13th. We'll also have Aries season start on the 20th, a fiery season of new beginnings and taking charge of that path. Being the leader of our journey is important during this time. Finally the Libra full moon on the 28th will help us balance all this new energy and partnerships. So don't feel overwhelmed, the moon has your back!

Capricorn December 22 - January 19: Capricorn your season had a lot of great new energy and now after Mercury Retrograde we can get back to it! On the 3rd Mars in Gemini is here through April 23rd bringing passionate partnership into play. Discerning which ones are the real ones isn't hard for you. Just in case on the 10th be the leader that shows their softer side so others follow along, and if they're not about it, they'll part ways. The Pisces new moon on the 13th will then help us manifest our truest dreams! Really connect with our 2021 new year goals and make sure they are aligned with your inner goddess. Then Aries season starts which is also known as the Spring Equinox. This season is about growth, new beginnings and working on our magic manifestation garden. Use the Libra Full moon on the 28th to create some balance and harmony of your new goals and the ones that started from January. If you still believe in them then go for it!

Aquarius January 20 - February 18: Your season was filled with funky vibras thanks to Mercury in Retrograde but that's ok! March has a lot of new energy to live our best life! Starting on the 3rd till April 23rd Mars in Gemini will help us speak a great game so we are able to really sell our best ideas and maybe create new connections. Just make sure to stay true to you and not a new character. The Pisces new moon will help us manifest the truest quirkinesses of dreams, so again be connected to your weird self not someone else. Mercury will be in Pisces on the 15th till April 3rd so another chance to better communicate in a gentle way. Aries season starts on the 20th taking charge of our inner warrior to manifest does damn dreams we might have pushed back on. Finally the Libra full moon is a great time to manifest harmony and balance the scales of our goals, partnership and everyday life.

Pisces February 19 - March 20: Pieces, we have some fun astro events that your dreamy self will be the key to stay on track. From 3/03 - 4/23 Mars in Gemini will help some of us spark up a new charming speech but for some this might not be their true self. So the Pisces new moon will help us come back to earth and let go of these fake stories. Plus live in our truest selves thanks to that intuitive energy you offer. On the 25th through April 3rd Mercury will be in Pisces helping us speak our truth and communicate with love. Aries season and the Spring Equinox starts on the 20th we'll be saying bye to you but hello to a new astrological year! Time to manifest new goals and learn to work hard for them. Finally we have the Libra full moon on the 28th to bring harmony to our goals, communication, friendships and everyday life. Thanks to your watery energy we'll be able to always follow the flow and our true diosa fantasy.

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