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Updated: Feb 1

Our first week of December is officially over. Remember we focused on healing and all week I posted on my IG story different practices to help y'all. While we still want to be gentle with ourselves we're going to jump into this weeks ritual. Which is using moon magic to help us continue the healing process while manifesting our dreams. Promise I am doing these rituals myself therefore we're doing this together mi gente!

December 12th is the Full Moon in Gemini, our last full moon of the year. The goal here is to use this moon phase to remove anything that doesn't serve us anymore. At the same time focus on what it is that we want the next decade to look like. Again, we are not thinking small (like 2020 only goals) we are looking at the whole journey. Where will we be in the next 5-10 years.

For the ritual you will need:

paper & pen

fire (lighter or matches)

black candle and green candle

hype music

clove incense

Lets start by setting the mood, burn your clove incense (clove unblocks your path for manifesting) and play some really inspirational music. That inspo can be anything from mediation music to Lizzo, what ever feels right to you. Next make sure to breath gently and start making a list of thing that no longer serve you and/or you're ready to let go. Once you have it done burn your black candle, focus on the flame helping you clear your path and then burn the list over it (please practice fire safety). Let it go with peace. Then burn your green candle, and start a second list of all the positive things you want for the next decade. Write as many as you like, no tengas pena. This list we are not burning, instead keep it next to your green candle and let it burn till its out. Keep your list somewhere safe.

Through out the week I will be posting on my IG stories different tips on how to be ready for the full moon and keep the vibe going. A lot of people I have read this month show healing and endings. We are all going through a rebirth, (scorpios know how it is) and we just gotta embrace it. I know that I am ready for all my miracles. Lets keep this mindset and our hearts open.

Namaste mi gente

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