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Updated: Feb 1

Being an empath can be hard in this modern world. It's easy to pick up other peoples energy and it effecting our personal space. Trust me I've been in a situation where I got nauseas due to a couple fighting in front of me. Therefore, it is important to protect your energy space. Today I am giving my brujx a few tips on how to cleanse and protect themselves from mal de ojo y mas.

You can say I am a minimalist witch because I will find the simplest form of brujeria to manifest everything I have and more. TBH it's the best and that is the tea I am going to spill right now! Burning sage is the most popular way of cleansing because it is easy and simple. Sage is a herb that when burned it removes negative energy. You can buy a bundle at any esoteric shop, botanica or even online (thank you internet). Again, you just burn the bundle of sage, pass it all over you and your personal space. Make sure while doing so to focus on receiving loving protection and letting go of negativity.

For the witch on the go I would recommend having Florida Water in your purse. You are most likely to interact with a lot of people and I am sure these hoes leave their funk all up in your space. You don't need that mama! Florida water is a cologne (from the 1800's) infused with essential oils that have protective properties. It was said to do it all including curing a fever, cleansing your home and more. Simply apply some on your wrist to always protect you, dab some on your 3rd eye to clear your intuitive power, and sprinkle it anywhere to clear the area.

Protecting yourself is part of loving yourself. When you don't cleanse your energy you will create this fog that will not let you see or live in clarity. At times we can get caught up in life but trust your inner spirit will speak up to remind you "it's time sis". I know you are doing your best! Keep it up, never give up and remember to listen. You will be guided to live your best life. Namaste mi gente.

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