January 2021 Tarot-Scopes

Who else is ready for a new fresh year? I am beyond ready! This year on top of the pandemic we survived many retrogrades, conjunctions, alignments y ya no se que otro rollo. Nonetheless, this first month of 2021 we will see opportunities for betterment and growth. Whether that's business, personal, love, and/or friendship you should feel some relief to welcome a new you as well. Scroll down to find your sign horoscope, the tarot advice for your element (firs, earth, air, water) and see what January 2021 has to offer you overall.

Aries March 21 - April 19: The first week of January 3rd-6th is important to lay low because we'll have a Mercury conjunct Pluto. Aries please stay away from chismosas, secret plans, or having envidia. These negative attributes might come back and hurt your reputation. No worries though on Jan 6th-8th there's a Venus trine Mars now this is the time to socialize, have fun and put yourself out there. Who knows you could meet your Principe Azul or if you are tied up, this trine brings a much needed balanced sexual flow to the bedroom. Half way on the 13th we have our first New Moon! It's here to help us dig more deep into personal development that can amplify our goals for the year. So really try to meditate on what it is your heart really desires. And of course at the very end (Jan.30th) Mercury is in Raggaeton. We'll get into that next month. Just know, January is important to make sure everything you're doing is truly connected to your soul's calling. No actions needed to please others.

Taurus April 20 - May 20: Taurus this month is all about relationships and how you connect with others. Let's start with the Jan.6th-8th Sun sextile Neptune, your intuition heightens so it helps you read others better. Therefore having more empathy in your relationships, this would be a great time for to express yourself openly. Can this years first New Moon in Capricorn possibly manifest a new love life? Absolutely! There's a harmonious vibe landing in your sign but also manifesting new relationships for business! As fast as it comes, it can go all away. Nooo! The Leo Full Moon on the 28th can test your patience, don't let small annoying traits ruin something great. Take January as a serious time to develop your role in relationships, because Mercury Retrograde is at the very end and ready to start karmic energy flow. Now do you want that to ruin all your hard work?

Gemini May 21 - June 20: Of course the first month of the new year is all over the place for you Gemini. The Venus trine Mars on Jan.6th-8th is helping you with balanced sexual energy but also creating stability with your friendships and work connections. Learning how to balance work and play is ideal for you. The Capricorn New Moon however, will be more of a time to cojelo suave and find steadiness with what your heart desires. Use this moon energy to manifest your purpose with love. Furthermore, you really need to feel confident about your goals this year and not doubt yourself. The Mercury Retrograde on the 30th is going to test you on the past, overthinking and bringing unclear visions of who you really are. Stay confident to your mission and self.

Cancer June 21 - July 22: Fellow water sign this is the start of a year filled with mucho mucho amor, possibly a rebirth to romance. Venus trine Mars is the start for you to have more uplifting energy to seek love from the 7th-12th. Then from the 12th-16th Venus trines Uranus brings the positive changes you need to manifest a karmic love life. This trine will also brew some creative juices that may help bring more purpose into your life. And we aint even done Cancer! The Capricorn New Moon on the 13th can amplify your dream love life, creativity and overall improvement of self. Then use the Leo Full Moon on the 28th to add more sazon to the new you. Make sure to use a ritual to let go of negative habits you've experienced in past relationships. I recommend this because it'll help you out for the first Mercury in Reggaeton we'll have on the 30th. You don't want to enter this phase with insecurities that aren't aligned with the new shiny version of yourself.

Leo Jul 23 - August 22: Leo the year starts with a serious ponte las pilas energy. Uranus will continue to be on top of you but with good intentions. Think of it as stern strict energy similar to abuela rushing you to school in the AM. The first connection is Jupiter square Uranus on the 10th-26th you will have the urge to start something new or feel overwhelmed to get a new venture started. Frustration to just make it happen (with no blockage) is your downfall. Remember everything takes time and consistency. Here's the crazy part; half way through this square off Mars conjunct Uranus (15th-24th) will add more gas to the fire. Yes we get it Leo you're ambitious persona can't be tamed but trust patience will be your master tool. The Leo Full Moon on the 28th is going to bring all the karmic rewards you've earned. Use this moon cycle to analyze your growth with a list of gratitude. The Mercury Retrograde at the end of the month can affect the details of any new ventures especially with money, communications and agreements. Wait till after to seal any deals! In the meantime, be patient, work hard and be gentle on yourself.

Virgo August 23 - September 22: Yasss Virgo you never fail to be the goal getter of the stars. The night sky knows this too so claro que si the planets align to assist you. From the 12th-16th the Sun conjunct Pluto will create new goals that are built with determination. I really mean it when I say the sky aligned just for you because on the 13th we have a New Moon in Capricorn. Use this energy to burn some sage as a limpieza from the past, and make a detailed list of everything you will need to succeed. Then for the Leo Full Moon cycle recheck your list and reassess if any needed. It's very very important you use all these beautiful connections the universe is offering you because then you will get hit with Mercury going retrograde on the 30th. It's ok though, I believe in you Virgo! If anyone got this, it's you.

Libra September 23 - October 22: Good news and opportunities are coming your way this month. Thanks to a sequence of star alignment so be ready! From 8th-11th Mercury conjunct Saturn which brings long term goals, detailed planning and critical thinking. Then starting on the 10th-12th Mercury conjunct Jupiter (the lucky planet) it brings good news and exciting ventures. Aaand then guess what?! The Capricorn New Moon lights up the night sky on the 13th so use this moon cycle to manifest your 2021 goals by writing a list of all that needs to happen to make it flourish. Mi amor really look at every little detail because it's going to count and may affect you during the year's first Mercury Retrograde on the 30th. Don't freak out just yet....let's be the patient Libra I know you are and we'll see how everything rolls out in time.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21: This first month of 2021 will be a potent deep vibe to manifest but duh the cool kid of the zodiac would. On the 3rd-6th Mercury conjunct Pluto the mystery planet so you'll be expressing intense emotions. Be careful you don't use this energy to manipulate others. Connect more with what depth your heart desires. Then on the 12th-16th the Sun conjunct Pluto so there's desire to set up your goals right. On the 13th there's a New Moon in Capricorn adding more intensity. Use the moon's energy to add positive emotions and gratitude towards your goals. The middle of the month has a lot of beautiful opportunities for you, thanks universe! Just remember to hold positive vibes only because the years first Mercury in Reggaeton will have its twist and turns for the next month.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21: Our fiery sibling is ready to take on the new year and the universe can see it! Here's how it's going to help. From the 10th-12th Mercury conjunct Jupiter will bring great news that will inspire you to push forward with your goals. Have you considered social media to help blossom your dream ventures? This is the time to do it! So start the IG, TikTok, and/or blog that's going to put you out there. Then on the 13th the CapricornNew Moon will bring clarity to what is really holding you back from starting. Yeah that's a hard pill to swallow but the stars believe in you! By the full moon you will shed the bad vibras and feel more confident of your goals. Mercury Retrograde may bring back these negative thoughts, but that's the universe testing you. Are you willing to face your shadow to finally live in love and light?

Capricorn December 22 - January 19: Oye Capricorn this month is filled with lots of Venus love energy and it being your season you deserve it boo! Venus trine Mars on 7th-12th invoking lots of flirty energy, socializing more, and creating a soft balance for your sexual energy. The trine switches to Uranus on the 12th-15th this trine will add more positive changes to your love life. Sooo maybe you can meet someone during the Mars energy then have more growth during Uranus. The Capricorn new moon as well illuminates the night sky on the 13th, you can definitely use this phase to manifest your dream love life. Y despues amplifying it with the Leo full moon on the 28th. This phase will help create harmony for new goals, so again amplify your love life. Focus on what is "my dream love life" and is it aligned to "who I am now".

Aquarius January 20 - February 18: The New Year might create different emotions about your future and what you want for yourself but you’ll slowly get back on track. On the 13th Mars squares Saturn which is the first cycle of defeat over where you are in life. Don't force anything just because everyone has 2021 goals, it's best to take it easy. Then Jupiter squares Uranus (10th-16th) comes in to overcome these negative thoughts. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunities, so sudden changes can come your way. However, cojelo suave don't rush anything until you feel things are aligned to your true self. Seriously, don't rush! The Sun squares Uranus right before the Leo Full Moon, it'll invoke strong urges for freedom so anxiety and stress can sit in. Use this moon energy to let go of old habits that sabotage your focus. Positive mantras and daily rituals will help you gain more love, you got this!

Pisces February 19 - March 20: Pieces, Pluto really loves you this month bringing in mucho dinero and maybe love?! Let me spill all the tea for you. First on the 3rd-6th you have Mercury conjunct Pluto conjure truly deep thinking which can reveal truths and possibly have a revelation. Next, from the 12th-16th Sun conjunct Pluto will brew energy for determination. Continue to dig deep, there's something there or someone that isn't aligned with who you are. This is the right time to let go of them and release old patterns. After these two Pluto meetings you get to connect with the first New Moon of 2021. The moon phase will increase your personal growth and the idea to keep it up. It will open up great self discovery and success for 2021. Finally, Venus conjunct Pluto yet another increase (duh Pluto always reaching for more) this time for love. Are you craving some TLC? There's a strong chance that sexual energy can transcend to intense karmic love. "Thanks Pluto!" Pluto the little planet no one believed in and now it's the furthest point we can reach for self discovery and growth. I'm proud of you Pisces.

FIRE SIGNS TAROT ADVICE: Knight of Swords, the most fierce knight in the deck! Keep fighting for your goals, dreams and what your heart truly desires. Aries stay on track don't listen to others, Leo keep working hard, Sagittarius stay consistent and let go of your ego.

EARTH SIGNS TAROT ADVICE: 10 of Swords, you're coming to the end of a difficult inner struggle. The light is at the end of the tunnel! It's ok, the only place to go now is the top. Which this card always predict new beginnings that come due to inner strength. Taurus don't be stubborn give people a chance this will create new beautiful bonds, Virgo keep up with the consistent planning you're almost there, Capricorn 2020 might not have been your dream love life but tats over, 2021 got you! Just keep believing!

AIR SIGNS TAROT ADVICE: The Heirophant is the idea of strong foundations, truthful traditions and possibly karmic love. This month remember to stay true to yourself because its already set in stone. Gemini maybe you can balance love, work and growth. Libra the partnership of a seasoned individual can make all the difference. Aquarius remember who you truly are! Don't change because everyone else is, this month harness your true values.

WATER SIGNS TAROT ADVICE: Queen of Cups knows what she values. It comes from a great place but maybe not everything in her life is fulfilling. Cancer really pray for the exact love life you want, don't settle. Scorpio learn to use gratitude truthfully no bullish*t. Pisces if sex isn't enough that's ok, be accepting for real connections and goals that are from a loving space not just for money.

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