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Updated: Feb 1

Listen. That is the number one rule to harness your inner power. You know that voice that tells you, "YAS QUEEN! YOU GOT THIS". The gut feeling that hits you right before you make the next move. These are a few signs that your inner brujx is trying to glow.

If these sign are reoccurring in your daily life its time to show up for you sis! We all have a special intuitive power within us that want us to listen, understand and respond. When you start to do so, you start to grow more powerful! Trust, there will be nothing and no one who will block your prosperity when your inner power is glowing. "But how bish?!"

Here are a few ways you can start to grow your intuitive power:

Carry or Wear Amethyst

Amethyst is very powerful for the psychic, intuition, and clairvoyant souls. It connects beautifully with our spirit so our inner abilities become more powerful. It also connect with the crown chakra which is our top tier for inner energy. Where information beyond comes to us.

Nutrition for intuition

Simple, easy and to the point. When you put toxic things in your body your blocking your energy from flowing gracefully. You literally need to feed your soul natures gifts aka fruits, veggies, organic, and cage free. The more natural your diet can be the better. For example, I don't drink when I do readings because alcohol interrupts my angelic clairvoyance.


Talk to God, Universe, Buddha, Gaga who ever you believe in. Be grateful for your gift but ask to receive more clairvoyant signs and they will give you exactly what you need right now. "God thank you for blessing me with my special gifts. At this time I need more clarity as to what to do with them, and how to use them for the greater good. I am ready to be powerful for my people".

Moon Spells

The moon is mother. It showers us with intense energy, that is why spells are best at night. Here is a simple spell to increase your abilities. During a full moon grab your amethyst, light a purple candle, and burn your fav incense. Start to write on a sheet of paper what you would like for your abilities to do for you aka manifest your best life. Write how you would love to be powerful and in control of your abilities. When you are done position yourself in prayer mode and say three times "My soul seeks for much higher, my power increases by the hour. I accept Gods gift tonight. It is my birth right." When you are done fold it and put it under your purple candle. Let it burn a bit longer or till its out, up to you. Keep your list in a secret spot. Tell no one.

When you start to listen to your inner voice, you will start to live in magic. When you start to respond to it, you will live fruitful. And when you share your gift with the world, you will be on the path of righteousness. Your intuitive power is your inner self having your back. You are your own main bitch! Come through for you boo.


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