Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse

July 27 Lunar Eclipse:

This Fridays Full Moon is amplified by a Lunar Eclipse. Therefore, it amplifies our emotions especially since it is influenced by Mars. Mars is the warrior planet aka you're ready to knock a witch out! But stay calm mama, this is your main tool to survive the eclipse. Please guard yourself because this energy is ready to effect your self esteem and relationships. Pero, you know I got your back so I'm here to serve the tea on how to harness this energy in a positive way.

A main factor of this lunar eclipse is that we might come for our relationships and loved ones due to fear. If there is a negative, there is a positive. This Full Moon is during Leo season, so lets invoke that crazy sexy cool leo energy into our lives. Leo's represent confidence, warmth, and courage. Please be brave to look inside before sounding off on someone special. "Where is this energy coming from? Is this fear responding?" More importantly, have the confidence to really speak your truth, to yourself.

Like I mentioned, this eclipse has some Mars influence, which is retrograde at the moment. That is where this frustration energy is coming from which at times is hard to understand and express. A little self love ritual can help us calm down and collect ourselves.

You just need:



rose oil

Think about any frustrations that you've been having. Now write down the opposite of it so you manifest the good. For example, if you're not feeling what your partner has been offering, think about what you want them to bring to the table. Once you're done mediate on patience and love. Next, dap some rose oil on your heart chakra and on the sheet of paper. Finally, bury the paper outside and be grateful for the Leo full moon energy.

I am confident we will all overcome this wild energy and invoke the positivity it has for us. Lets appreciate this Leo season by tuning into its beautiful vibes. If you want to know how this lunar eclipse, full moon effects you book a tarot session with Miami's bruja that got your back. I will spill all the tea and see what is helping you and what is blocking you.

Namaste mi gente

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