Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 29, Full Moon in Sagittarius

This full moon is paired by the traveling planet Sagittarius. Sagittarius is here to remind us to expand ourself more than ever. Lets think, What ways can we expand ourselves?

  1. venture new spots

  2. make new amigas

  3. start a new creative venture

All these expansion traits are great ways to conjure up some brujeria. A great ritual? Go check out a new spot in a different area code. Expansion is the key word! Go to that cool spot you keep thinking about and work that moon energy. You never know you might make some connections that will benefit you. Remember, this full moon energy is amplified to help you out mama. So stand out, talk to new faces and be the charming bae you are!

My favorite part of full moons? They are the best time to look back at where you were during the last New Moon. What did you conjured up during the Taurus new moon and how can these Sag vibes add on to it? Simple girl, expansion!

So what's the tea? Just be open to receive! New ideas, meet new people and even travel to new places. There is magic everywhere. You just gotta be able to see it yourself and know how to work it mama!

Namaste mi gente

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