Full Moon in Pisces

Aug. 26 Full Moon in Pisces:

What a beautiful and dreamy day to fall in love with ourselves. Tonights full moon is intertwined with the watery sign Pisces. Pisces is know for being sensitive but dreamy, and with the full moon, it draws us to look at what hurts us, no longer serves us but what really draw us to believe. Plus, our intuition will be heighten.

What does this mean? Simple, we need to look inside ourselves and see what we really want. We need to use our intuition to listen to our inner voice because it will never steer us wrong. Tonight, let go of what doesn't make you happy any more, and continue to do what you really love. Here is a lovely ritual for all of us to do tonight, and remember who is the only bitch running this!

Tonights Full Moon helps us clear the way for what really makes us happy. Therefore, opening the gate to receive nothing but the best. What you'll need:

rose oil

incense (any kind)

warm bath

Run a hot bath, burn incense and add a few drops of rose oil. If you have flower petals add them in there too. Now lay in the water, let your mind run free. Think about everything going on in your life, and surely your intuition will speak to you. "Sister, this isn't helping you, and you know it" Anything that is a negative, be thankful for what its taught you and say "Thank you, you no longer serve my path, blessed be". If you don't have a bath you can do the same in the shower, just let the water fall over you, and use the oil on your chakras.

Tonight I'm doing this at the beach, (because I have no bath tub). I'm going to jump into the ocean, float in the water and let the moon fill me with its loving energy. Plus a lil bruja magic with a friend. Let me know what you'll be doing for the full moon with your brujas. Enjoy this beautiful moon and always love yourself first mama.

Namaste mi gente

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