Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Aries Sept.24, 2018:

Jesus Christ! September has been a tough month for me, and this full moon isn't going to make it an easier. I am hopeful we will make it to the end of the month. Pero how girl?! Hello guy, Mars and Uranus are here to bless us with their positive energies. Plus, I got y'all with a ritual to stay strong and keep going!

Septembers full moon is squared off with Saturn which is making it hard for us to be open and positive. Saturn is going to test plus have us go through many straddles especially with our relationships and emotions. Eventually teaching us a new skill to survive any emotional crisis. Isn't that funny how the universe does that? Moreover, Mars is here to save us with its passionate energy and give us a voice to express our emotions to our partners. Plus, its sexy vibes can actually spice things up for us! Finally, Uranus inspires us to make positive changes and take action. Whether ending an unhealthy relationship or dropping unwanted energy, its going to give us that push we need.

Ready for the brujeria? All you'll need to do is sit in a quiet personal space. Light a red candle and focus on its flame. Imagine this fire being yours. Imagine this flame being your spirit. Bright, fiery, and passionate. Now say:

" Yes I am passionate, Yes I am emotional, Yes I do have a voice and it speaks only positive words. I am the divine being growing bright everyday."

Chant this 3 times out loud or inside but feel it in your heart. I personally cant wait to see how these planet and moon help me flourish because this month has been a bitch. My tarot cards have given me some clarity. If you want to see what the cards have to reveal to you book a session with me and we'll see whats the tea.

Namaste mi gente

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