February Tarot-Scopes

Sound the alarm Mercury is in Raggaeton...whatever that means right?! Mercury is doing its backwards two step which we call retrograde. During this time things aren't going as smooth as they usually do. Mercury rules communication and technology therefore it can make some crazy errors when in retrograde. The best overall rule is to take it slow, make sure to communicate well, don't take things personally and don't say yes (or seal the deal) till after when then the true agenda of the matter reveals itself. We do have some other astro events to help center us this month like the Lunar New Year on the 12th (which is on the new moon) and the Virgo Full Moon. We got this! Scroll to read your signs horoscope and at the end, your tarot advice based off your signs element ( fire, earth, air, water).

Aries March 21 - April 19: Fiery siblings please let's keep our temper in check, have some patience and get on with the show. Mercury in retrograde is in full effect till the 20th this retrograde is in Aquarius which make us feel like we want to dwell in the past, what we might have had but really is it aligned with our true self? Nope! This retrograde might bring exes back into our journey too but remember why they are not here with you today. Good news! We have the Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox on the 12th this energy is what we need to stay consistent and work hard. Plus, it's the night of the new moon in Aquarius, lets think who can help us manifest our goals for 2021. After the retrograde is over on the 20th take some "me time" this cycle might drain us. The 27th Virgo full moon is the perfect day to come back from our retro-vacay and get back to work. This phase might reveal what needs editing and what is working for us Aries.

Taurus April 20 - May 20: Mercury esta de madre this month for the earthy squad. This retrograde is not the time for you to say YAASS to anything! Some details are not very reliable, may not be honest and/or enough details available. Make sure to use the Lunar New Year/New Moon to manifest exactly what it is that you want. Communicate it well, don't just ask for a new job, tell the universe "I want the Creative Director remote position so I can travel the world freely." PERIODT! Pisces season comes in on 2/19/21 right before M.R. ends, use that watery flowing river energy to stay patient and be emotionally available for the after math. Or cry it all out, it's ok we're emotional beings that need to let it all out. This month might get in the way of your so prepped ready Taurus energy but in time everything will come together for you.

Gemini May 21 - June 20: Don't double think my airy twin. This month's retrograde is not here for your split personality. What's going to help you with Mercury in Retrograde? Not letting anxiety take over when things don't work out for you. Be gentle with yourself mi amor. The Lunar New Year on the 12th welcomes the Metal Ox meaning working hard and steady wins the race. Pace yourself, wait till after the retrograde for travels and communicate softly. Pisces season can help you emotionally through the very last few days but also the post retrograde. Oh yes honey the karma of the retrograde will reveal the tea!

Cancer June 21 - July 22: This month is already emotionally intense due to Mercury Retrograde pero don't let it bring you down. I know how important relationships are for you Cancer, so make sure to check in on your squad during this time. It being in Aquarius it can hurt the dynamic of inner circles, so just be thoughtful. In some way you can handle this retrograde. You might be the anchor that helps your loved ones pero for favor take it easy. Once it's over on the 20th you will feel relived to be selfish. This moths Virgo full moon will help you connect back to YOU. YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, and keep YOURSELF focused. So the first month it's ok to help others, then come back to you boo.

Leo July 23 - August 22: Mercury would be in Reggateon once you got yourself more confident with your 2021 goals. Quien te Manda to take so long Leo?! No worries, just don't let things get to you because they are not clear during this time. The Aquarius new moon on the 12th reminds us to connect with our loyal ones to manifest our goals. It's also the Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox, let this strong energy amplify your inner fire! Once the retrograde is over on the 20th let some time pass because post retrograde (yes that's a real thing) will reveal everything to you. "AHA knew it!" You will see that trusting the journey, the loyal O.G.'s and your intuition will pay off.

Virgo August 23 - September 22: Yes yes I know this Mercury en Retrograde ruined your whole game plan. Or maybe it's giving you time to reassess everything? Till the 20th this retrograde will give you anxiety for the "what if ". Instead use the time to take a step back and look at every little detail. Especially once your Virgo Full Moon (on the 27th) shines over us. By then Mercury is back in direct rotation and the moon will help you see way better at what your major goals have been missing. Trust this retrograde will bring you a big revaluation my Virgo.

Libra September 23 - October 22: You might actually like this Mercury in Retrograde event! Why?! Because it's going to show you how to take your time to find balance in everything that you're trying to conquer. You'll learn how to be patient with communication, be gentle with your loved ones, plus let go of how things will work out. The Lunar New Year/New Moon is a great night to meditate on your goals. Especially if you've been thinking of working with others. This retrograde will reveal who are the real ones and expose the selfish shady business sharks. Pisces season can help you stay aligned with your emotions so you trust them a bit more than just looking at facts Libra. Not everything is just numbers and stats, intuitive energy goes a long way for manifestations.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21: This Mercury in Retrograde can be a little hard for you to read. A lot of things will not be direct and clear so your intuitive self might have a bit of trouble dealing with this. Take it easy, try spending some time with friends and let time do its job. Once Mercury goes direct after the 20th little by little things will reveal themselves to you. And by that time the Virgo Full Moon (on the 27th) will inspire you to look at things over before making any progress on your goals. Again, take it easy this retrograde, be patient and try to meditate to unfold your intuition.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21: Fiery amiga learn to lean on your amigas to find balance during Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius. This retrograde will teach you how to not say yes right away because the truth will reveal that maybe not everything is aligned to you. During the Lunar New Year/ New Moon (on the 12th) you should continue to stay devoted to create new goals but ones that light your fire. Then let the Virgo Full Moon help you build a solid stronger foundation to manifest your best life! These astro events are going to make you ready to really take on 2021 and create your dream life.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19: You helped us bring in some structure for 2021 and now the Aquarius Mercury Retrograde is here to teach you how to have patience and take it easy. There is going to be miscommunication, technology failure, travel issues, deals not coming through but don't be so hard on yourself. These things aren't aligning clear due to Mercury, not you. This astro event runs till the 20th so taking up the majority of February. Fortunately, Pisces season starts on the 19th and its going to help you trust the journey. Plus your intuition during post retrograde. This is when you will see why things didn't work out or why certain people were trying to talk to you. The real ones will be left standing, what ever isn't meant for you will run off.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18: Almost the whole month is about you LOL! We have Mercury in Retrograde under your sign, it should be easy for you to stay weird. Just remember not to let old habits make you question your inner quirky self. As well as, trusting that everything happens for a reason. There will be true friends to ask for help but I wouldn't let outsiders in. Not everyone has a heart of gold like you. Once we enter Pisces season on the 19th you'll feel free to follow the flow. Post retrograde will prove a lot to you! During this time we'll have the Virgo Full Moon on the 27th, use its energy to stay more grounded to your goals and make sure all the little details match your airy spirit.

Pisces February 19 - March 20: Fellow mermaid friend, it's time to test your intuition during this Mercury in Retrograde till the 20th. Things might not seem all there, people might not have your best interest, communication will be foggy, it will be a bit hard to work through all this. Just remember that you can tell others to wait and follow up after. Meditate with your inner voice so you have a clear message. This Lunar New Year of the metal Ox will inspire you to stay steady on your path. And once we enter your season on the 19th you'll be more confident to be true to your goals. At the same time your season will expose the karma of this retrograde. If you worked with your intuitive voice you'll see that maybe you were right. The key is to take it easy and not rush into things. Everything will work out as it should.

Fire Signs Tarot Advice: the two of swords reminds us that patience is important especially during M.R. So please don't say yes or no to anything just yet! Feel out all your options and wait till after the retrograde is over. Remember the full moon can help us reevaluate our future plans and give us more clarity in the choice we have. In time everything will reveal itself to you.

Earth Signs Tarot Advice: the star card is perfect for this time (Aquarius season) and for you my Earth friends. Stay true to yourself this month, don't do anything that's not aligned with you. If you stay true, you'll receive success in all your ventures!

Air Signs Tarot Advice: 6 of coins is a great card for my air signs! Use this energy to appreciate all the good things coming your way. Be grateful! Gratitude goes a long way. Still try to be cautious and think before saying yes. Mercury Retrograde is a foggy time for us to feel confident about decisions so instead have some gratitude.

Water Signs Advice: the world card shows things will come full circle for you! Things that you've been working on will show their true rewards after Mercury Retrograde. In the meantime, enjoy everything about life and don't let small things block your loving energy. You never know what new unique opportunities can come this month....

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