Fall Equinox

Updated: Feb 1

This summer has been magical! A lot of new things have manifested consistently. My manifestations even kept on sprouting. I am so grateful for this season. It changed my perspective about this whole "new normal". Naturally, it invokes excitement for the next season. The fall equinox is a time to enjoy our harvest, center ourselves, and goals. With that said the one issue I did have was finding balance.

Yes, I had a lot more tarot appointments coming in but then I would lose balance of my own personal time off. This season coming up I want to stay grounded, balanced, and chill so I'm going to share an altar ritual that's going to help me in that area. Hopefully, it helps you too! here's what you'll need:

fall decorations (any you like)

an apple

Decorate your altar or mantle or shelfs lol (whatever you got brujx) and as you do so, concentrate on balancing the items equally on each side. Both sides don't have to be identical, but they should feel balanced. Then cut your apple in half across the middle, take a bite from each half and put one on each side of the altar. Recite the following chant:

"Balance in the Earth ane me

Balance to keep harmony.

Equal measures, day and night

Balance of the darl and light".

Take a few more bites from each apple half if you desire (equally), then put them outside for wildlife to enjoy. This is a cute simple ritual that helps us connect to nature. Being connected to mother earth is the best way to stay grounded and balanced. I am excited to perform this ritual on Tuesday to help welcome the new season and be ready for it with an open heart.

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