Fall Equinox

Updated: Feb 1

This Monday at 3:50pm we will start our Fall Equinox in Miami. Don't try it! Ya'll know this past weekend was nice and windy. It started on our Earth Trine night of 9/19/19, totally magical and you know it. But what exactly is the fall equinox and how do we, as brujx, celebrate?

It's when the sun seems to cross the equator therefore equal to it. This changes our days and nights, where our days are equal to nights (to then prep us for shorter winter days). Spiritually it is time to really look at our harvest. Do you remember what seeds you planted during the spring time? Maybe during a spring new moon?

Guess what? You are about to start seeing them! Especially with these coming full moons, they are going to amplify your harvest, trust. For example, I really wanted help for my tarot empire from a marketing strategist. Mid Summer I started working with Brittany Bre who approached me online because she believed in my magic. Now this fall y'all are going to see a lot of special things coming your way. Shout out to boss babe Moonwood.co thank you so much boo! This equinox we need to look back and see what have we really done to make our hearts desire come to fruition.

I wanted to grow my coven, I wanted to create new projects for my brujx, I wanted to be the supreme of the 305! I planted my seeds, stayed patient (hard plus annoying) and I am here now. Illuminating this city with my unique magic! It is ok if you didn't do a moon ritual or some brujeria during the spring. What matters is that you still have the fire in you to manifest your best life. And guess what? You are not alone! I am here for you with my weekly Baby Bruja blog, my daily IG magic and soon you will get a little extra something something so you can be the most magnificent version of yourself.

Accept the fall equinox with some cinnamon all over your home (it brings more passion for what you love). Eat some warm desserts with your squad and talk about your goals (it builds community). Clean your personal space and sprinkle some brown sugar with star anise (it develops self love). Be open for the changes you have been praying for, because it's coming mi gente!

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