End of a Decade

Updated: Feb 1

Yeah I know 2019 was not it mama! Good news is we only have 30 more days. Plus, its the end of a decade. Are you ready to experience not just a new year but a new era? I for sure am! But here is a question for your espiritu, how do I enter this new time with love, optimism and magic? Pero hello guy, La Bruja gotchu!

This is what we are going to do. Each week on Baby Bruja we will practice a ritual to get us ready for the 2020 plus the next 10 years to come. You are worth everything your heart desire, so why manifest for just 12 months?! I really do hope mi gente by now know that my mission is to help y'all live your best life. It'd be selfish if I kept these bruja secrets to myself.

Here is the breakdown the 1st week (now, yes right now!) we are going to practice healing and letting go. The 2nd week we're going to set our goals using the full moon on Dec. 12th. Our 3rd week will be inspired by Virgo Vibes, by that I mean we're going to create a game plan for the next era. The last week of 2019 we are going to pray, yes girl we're going to talk to God together. I am ready to put in the work I need to manifest my dreams.

Let's jump into our 1st week which is healing followed by letting go. A reader once told me that my road was blocked because I wouldn't forgive my mother for my childhood. Yea she read me for filth and at first I didn't understand why but I decided to do it anyways. When I put in the work to forgive her and love my inner child I got the prosperity I needed to start my traot business. Being hurt has strong negativity that becomes blockage and which we go blind to. Trust me I've been there more than once, it's life. We learn from it, and it helps us become the upgraded version of ourselves.

This is how we're facing the monsters under our beds. Get a sheet of paper and write a letter to yourself. Write down everything you feel has become overwhelming and maybe out of control. As you write this, feel every emotion developing and respond to them with love. Please finish the letter with this note, "I forgive myself for not being presently in love with me and my journey. I am ready to be here for me unconditionally". Rub some sugar on your letter, keep it in an envelope and save it. We'll maybe open it once again in 2025.

I was looking at Michelle Gomez story today and she shared something that hit my soft spot. As a business woman I have not treated my business as I should and that reflects on how I treated myself. I have been tired, anxious, over it and stressed. I have not been good to myself, so I am changing that this week for my part on healing. I need to come through for me, yea I didn't like 2019 but that isn't going to set the tone for the next decade. I am a goddess and I deserve it and so do you queen!

Namaste mi gente

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