Eleventh House

The eleventh house on an astrology chart is the area that focuses on friendships and community. A beautiful house that brings unconditional love from the tribe we connect with. That is where the Eleventh House got the inspo for their non-profits name. Thanks to Jess Swanson and Angel Garcia, Miamians can now connect with brujx and healers easily. As well as, celebrate all the different unique mystical practices that truly live in South Florida.

I had one client tell me she found because she googled Bad Witch. I was living! The only thing was she seemed a little discourage that there isn't a directory or yelp page just for us. The reality (that it is hard to find a spiritual practitioner) was unsettling. Once Jess and Angel told me about their mission, I was ecstatic! Obvi, I had to make sure I was one of the first 11 healers on their directory but I also felt the need to share with mi gente the detz.

Eleventh House officially has their website running where you will find (for right now) 11 brujx healers. Each one of us have a special touch to our magical craft. Do yourself the solid and check out the rest of the Eleventh House witches. Plus, the 3rd Thursday of every month Eleventh House host their monthly full moon party at Mama Tried. Come by for August 15 Aquarius Full Moon party, there will be tarot readers and astrologers serving Brujeria Realness all night.

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