Crystal Recharge

What I love about the past 3 years is the growth and awareness of spirituality. One main source is crystals. I believe people love them because they're so cool and shiny but they are more than just a pretty stone. Crystals have strong energy that can help us manifest, heal, and grow! Therefore, I am super excited to bring some crystal magic into your journey because it is a big tool I use to have a successful life. Here are 3 different ways you can use crystals to live your best life!

What are crystals anyways?! They are natural gems that come from Mother Earth so they have strong vibrating energy. Each crystal has its own unique purpose that can help us. Again here are a few ways we can use them for our everyday life:

1- Healing: A lot of us (when exploring our spiritual path) start thinking of natural remedies when we're sick right? So why not use crystals as a natural source for our spirit? It does grow from the Earth right?! Some crystals have healing properties that when used on us, they vibrate positive tonic energy. You can place them on a specific chakra points to help cleanse and restore yourself. For example, If you are having issues to let go of a past love than rhodonite would help cure your love life. If you want to remove overall negativity use onyx, its great to protect outside negativity aka envidio. Finally tigers eye is beautiful to help with your own self sabotage and create more loving harmony for yourself.

2- Money: Yo quiero dinero all the time mama! And guess what?! The universe truly provides because crystals (coming from Earth) can too manifest money for you. You can use citrine, pyrite, and aventurine to manifest more money. Put the sones in your wallet or purse, keep them near a window (to invent money in), carry them before a job interview or meeting, or rub them on your lottery ticket. Remember you deserve to have prosperity and it can come to you easily! Using crystals will amplify the lushness of your abundance garden.

3- Love: Oh my, my favorite! Here's a little truth about 2020 tarot readings I did....every single person asked about love. Yeah all of y'all did! So its clear that love is something we all seek. Whether its romantic, self love, or just having loving energy you can definitely use some crystals to manifest more love. Emerald is great for friendships so you can gift a matching bracelet to your friends and share that energy always. Rose quartz is the number one love gem to bring in a new love I would recommend wearing it has a necklace so its near your heart. Carnelian is the hero for sexual energy! If you're looking to just have fun I would keep this near your bed. If you want to increase or heal your sex life lay down and place the carnelian on your root chakra during meditation or just have baby making music playing for 10 minutes.

These three areas are the main topics brought up as a concern during my tarot sessions. Hopefully these tips for crystals usage will assist mi gente to live their best life and feel more excited to manifest their goals. I also recommend you cleanse them every month you can do so by leaving them out in the sun. Doesn't need to be directly outside it can be anywhere the sun shines in. I always use crystals for everything and love to gift them as well because I've seen the difference my path has been since I invited them into my journey. Which crystal or area are you excited to dive into? Let me know down below! Namaste mi vida!

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