Crystal Healing

Updated: Feb 1

Crystals are a brujx best friend! You can find many ways to use these wondrous gems that Mother Earth gifts us. Some techniques can be very simple and others can look like an episode of AHS Coven. Maybe you're trying to dip your little brujx toes into the magical world of crystals and aren't sure where to start. La Bruja is here to give you a guide on how to use them and some easy ways to define what crystals to use. Who's ready to be a crystal witch?!

There are hundreds of crystals and ways they are categorized. I'm going to start with how to figure out which stone will help you. A simple way I define the benefit of a crystal is by looking at the chakras. Each of our chakras focuses on an area of our spirit (intuition, voice, heart, creativity etc.) and is represented by a color. The colors are a great way to bring the chakra and crystal together. For example purple is for our spirituality so amethyst (purple gem) works for this area, blue is for our throat chakra so use Turquoise. Again our chakras represent an area of our lives therefore think what do I want to work on.

Now that we know how to figure out which crystals to use I am going to jump into how to invoke their sacred powers so you can live your best life. RECAP defines which crystal you need by connecting with your chakras. Now there are simple easy tricks I use for crystal magic which you can use too if this is your first time using them.

Have selenite to have a cleansed spirit

Leave amethyst crystal near my bed for intuitive dreams

Wear lapis lazuli as a necklace (its close to you throat chakra) to speak up

Wear rose quartz as jewelry every day to manifest love

Overnight leave citrine on top of your printed resume to get your dream creative job

Lay down and place carnelian over your Sacral chakra (abdomen) for sexual flow

Carry bloodstone in your pocket for grounding

See super easy and not as extra as you would think. I am a very minimal modern-day bruja. I know magic helps me manifest my dreams and solve my problems or at least find a resolution to them. So why make things difficult when they don't have to be? I really hope this helped and y'all feel more confident to find which crystals to use and how to apply them. Namaste mi gente.

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