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Updated: Feb 1

Yasss witches that is me with Walter Mercado! If you didn't grow up in a latin house hold, you might not get it. Pero mi gente ya saben! The experience overall was magical and the night could have not gotten better. Scroll down if you want all the tea about my night because it is hot mama!

First of, if you don't know, Walter Mercado is a legendary astrologer with a huge fan base in Latin America. Back in the day Walter would come on tv and give his daily does of astro knowledge to each sign. Our parents were so excited that none of us were allowed to speak till his session was over. Yup that serious! Thanks to Walter we all already grew up with so much unconditional love for the stars.

A few weeks ago I found out the HistoryMiami Museum is going to hold a month long exhibition of his life and work. Obviously I was so excited but things got even better when I was invited to the opening night VIP party! The event was ssooo Miami guy! There was an entrance so extra for him that we were all gagged. Followed by Walter being honored with the key of Miami and Miami Beach plus declaring August 1st Walter Mercado Day (you can see the whole show on my Instagram highlight because hello I had to). Finally, the exhibition opened for us and Jesus it was stunning! They have some of his elaborate robes, jewelry, tarot cards, plus photos of him from all the eras.

The exhibition is really special and curated amazingly. At some point my intuition told me to move towards the back of the room (not sure why, but you'll see). I stayed chilling there with a friend and then it was announce that they will start to do a meet and greet with Walter, right were I was standing! AKA I was one of the first to meet him! I thought I was so ready and composed and when I step up to him I got so emotional. I didn't even think my voice would crack and me crying to him but I had to ask him something.

"Walter I bought these from your estate sale and they have been magic for my clients can you please bless them?" He grabbed them, shuffled through and BLESSED THEM FOR ME!!!! He then leaned in and told me "Persigue la luz y sigue en su camino", we shot a selfie and I forgot I was even in front of everyone. When I came down so many people showed me love and hyped me up! An event goer I work for knew my tarot deck came from him originally and told me "this is now full circle for you".

The whole experience is an affirmation that what I am doing is the right thing. This is truly my path and I am listening to my inner voice, angels and God. Forever would I ignore following my purpose, I would be so afraid to face it due to fear of failure. Here is the thing; you cannot fail if you follow your heart. Do not worry about how things will work out, that is Gods job. You just need to start doing it! Look at me now, the successful tarot reader of Miami, La bruja Del 305! With a blessed tarot deck by the legend himself Walter mercado and a loving supportive community. I am forever grateful, gracias mi gente.

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