Altar Attire

Updated: Feb 1

Your altar is a sacred space where you are free to create and practice brujeria. Whether you do tarot readings, rituals or journal, an altar is important for you to do these practices. Why? Your altar is set to be the magic foundation to help and protect you during your journey. Today I will teach my brujxs how to dress their altar similar to mines but do keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to create it. Feel free to add anything extra that is part of your witchy path.

Lets start with the fun part, decoration! I do love to lay out a unique mantel or beautiful fabric. Definitely get creative with your own style so toss some glittery confetti (which Ive done before lol). Next, in everything I do, I always connect to the 4 elements; earth, wind, fire, and water so I like to pick 4 items that represent the elements and place them on each corner (my altar is a square, yours can be any shape). Right now my earth is a plant, wind is sage, fire is a magic candle, and water is Florida water. Again, chose what ever you feel is right for you with each element. I am sure you have crystals so keep them on there to help the energy to vibrate strong.

Based on what you practice for now on you will do it on here. Again, if you play with cards, spread them on your altar (and keep them on there). If you practice a ritual keep your tools on the altar and if you're just journaling do it on your altar. I like to sprinkle some salt on my altar to protect and cleanse it. Remember your sacred space should represent you, and be a collective foundation of your spirit. I would love to know how you created your altar! Let me know down below.


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