11/11 magic portal

Tomorrow is 11/11 a day of magic! It's representative of the angelic number 11:11. Many of you might see this number repeatedly whether it's looking at the time, ticket number, or someone calling you at that exact time. You keep seeing this because the angels are trying to get your attention. They want you to focus your energy only on the positive outcome of your dreams. It's a reminder that you are the creator of your own life, so take charge!

Not sure how to use this angel number? That's why I am here nena, to help mi gente manifest their best life! Here are a couple of simple rituals for tomorrow's powerful energy. You can also do these daily to help you create a positive mindset and steer away from negative thoughts. When you do these tomorrow start at either 11:11 am and/or 11:11 pm so it's more magical.

  1. Write a list of everything you want in your life. While doing so feel happy to have them.

  2. Create a vision board with images and writings of your goals. Make sure to BELIEVE this is already yours!

  3. Get a candle, write on it what you want, and burn it at the time of 11:11. If it's for money get a green one, love do pink, goals do gold or red, wellness do a blue one, and spiritual skills purple.

  4. Pray to the angels. Just ask them for what you want, ask for daily guidance, remove obstacles, and remind them that you are ready to receive.

These manifestations practices are simple and for everyone! Use tonight to reflect on what is missing in your life, what you already have, and are these things created from your own power? Remember, you are your own creator. Your mind, thoughts, and feeling are powerful and will manifest whether good or bad. Staying optimistic, happy, and positive is important. Tomorrow is a great day to start due to it being an angelic energy number. You deserve happiness, love, excitement, and everything your heart desires so take control of your journey and manifest it! Namaste mi gente.


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