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Not sure how the tarot will help you?

Or if a tarot reading is the right move for you? Feel free to email me with any serious inquires you may have regarding the tarot sessions. I will do my best to respond to you. In the meantime, scroll down below to read a few Q&A that may be helpful.


Namaste mi gente!



what is tarot?

A form of divination to look into your future. The tarot will tell me what is helping or blocking you. Plus, what is to come if you stay on the right path.

will tarot help me?

You can ask the tarot any questions. It will reveal the unknown to you about any situation in your life right now. Therefore, you'll be able to mastermind your  path.

how much is it?

Each sessions vary in prices and are different time frames. I have solo and group sessions. Plus, event and party set ups. Therefore, the prices vary.




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