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Hello bruji, I am Sisther aka La Bruja del 305! Like you, growing up in Miami, I always knew I was a bit different than everyone else. People love to party and I love to manifest a magical future! I do it with some good ol' brujeria and of course my favorite spiritual practice, tarot reading. I love to ask my cards about my goals to see what will help me, if I should be cautious of anything, consider timeframes for my goals, and overall what will be. So why not do it for mi gente?

I started practicing tarot when I was 19 y/o as a student at the Miami International University of Art and Design but I knew deep down I just wanted to be a bruja. Therefore I left school, practiced my clairvoyant gift for 7 years and started my tarot business soon after. Now I am known as La Bruja del 305! That means being the Miami girl who is really real when I speak to my clients.

What sets me apart from other readers is that I will predict your future clearly and in detail. I show my clients what is helping them, if there's blockage, and what the future holds. Most people won’t give you all that information. Instead they try to up sell you. I would never do that, no soy chusma. 


I love what I do very much which makes me truly invested in my clients journey. I know the tarot will help with manifesting their dreams because it has for me! 




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