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Growing up in Miami, I always knew I was a bit different than everyone else. I started developing psychic abilities as a child. The first thing I noticed was premonition dreams. I would mention it to my mom but she would say “esta loca!”. So on my own, I started doing research and reading about dreams. Then I started seeing spirits, so again research. As I got older, I kept gaining new bruja abilities. My favorite being the tarot.

When I started practicing tarot I was (19 y/o) a student at the Miami International University of Art and Design for a BFA with photography as a focus, but I knew deep down I just wanted to be a real down as Bruja. So, I left school, practiced my clairvoyant readings and once I felt 100, I started my tarot business. Now I am known to be La Bruja del 305! That means being really real when I give tarot readings.

What sets me apart from other readers is that I tell my clients what is helping them, blocking their path, and how they can persevere. Most people won’t give you all that info. For now, I mostly specialize in tarot. I am still learning new techniques like oracle readings, love spells, and dreamwork so I can progress even more for mi gente.  I am proud of standing up to fear and remaining true to myself but still keeping that Miami girl alive within me.


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